User manual – Editor

Authentication screen

First of all, it is necessary to create an account on the website. Your login is your email address.

List of projects

You will find your projects and templates in this part. You can also create a new project with the “New” button.

List of projects

Détails of the icons

 Create a copy of the project

 Edit the project

 Modify the project settings

 Delete the project

Creation of a new project

New project settings

Creation of a new project

Setting of the project’s first space

List of selected project spaces

On this screen, you will find all the spaces present in the selected project. It is also possible to create a new space using the “Add” button. You can also view the project in the editor or in a Web version thanks to the “Preview” and “WebVR” buttons.

List of selected project spaces

Detail of the icons

  Project welcome space

 Modify the space

 Preview the space

  Delete the project space

Creation of a new space

Information to be filled in for the new space that will be created: name, background sound and the media used for the background of the space (360° image or 360° video)

Preview mode

A web preview mode is also available, allowing you to see the virtual tour in your internet browser.

Edit a space

Edit a space


  Tool for moving the hotspot in space

  Tool for orienting the hotspot in space

  Tool allowing to resize the hotspot in space

Edit a space

The various possible hotspots

  Flat image hotspot

  Hotspot of transition to a space

  Flat video hotspot

  Audio file hotspot

Adding a hotspot in a space

Selection of the media to use for the hotspot. Possibility to import a new media.

Hotspot properties

Properties common to all hotspots

  • Name 
  • Rotation
  • Width and height 
  • Scale
  • Used file

Properties specific to the text hotspot

  • Text to display
  • Text font
  • Font size
  • Text color
  • Text alignment

User interaction on a hotspot

An action may be assigned to a hotspot. Example: When the user clicks/gazes on the hotspot, the hotspot “Arrow_top_transparent” will be displayed/hidden.

List of available media

Gallery of all media hosted in the cloud and usable on all user’s projects.

Import media

It is possible to import one or more files using the “Import media” button. All selected media will be imported into the cloud and accessible on any machine with the used user account.